Tooro Princess Komuntale Pushes Her Wedding Away From Uganda

By Wycliff;


Tooro Princess, Ruth Komuntale has confirmed that her wedding bells will be ringing this year in December but unfortunately not in Uganda.

According to princess Komuntale, her wedding to boyfriend Phillip Anthony aka Phil will be a destination away from all negativity, clatter and noise from Ugandan media and public.

She also reveals how judgmental people in Uganda forced her to leave the country but she can’t wait to have her last laugh when as she walks down the aisle away from her motherland.

Komuntale further said that invites will strictly be to friends that matter to her and boyfriend Phil.

Princess Komuntale and new boyfriend Phil.

“Ugandan media, anything to sell their stupid papers. When I do get married to my soulmate; Phil, it’ll be a destination wedding away from y’all negativity, clatter and noise. Only those that matter to me and my boo will be invited. Judgmental people are everywhere but maaan my people (Ugandans) truly take the cake smh, reminds me why I left and it sure was the best decision ever. But this I know for sure, I’ll have the last laugh… the space,” she wrote on her social media.

Princess Komuntale’s post.

Komuntale’s husband-to-be (Phil), is a Jamaican Deejay based in Doha, Qatar and is said to have already met the royal family and was given a pet name of ‘Amooti’.

Reading from his Instagram profile, Phil is an IT engineer but according to his overall social media posts, it’s easier to suggest that he is also a disc joker with stage names ‘DJ Durty Phil’.

This will be the second time Komuntale is tying a knot after her marriage with an American man Mr. Christopher Thomas in 2012, which relationship lasted for a few months.

Princess Komuntale and Mr. Christopher Thomas’s wedding in 2012.

It really seemed deep pain for Thomas as he flew back to the United States, searching for relief and console from his family and friends and he has never returned back since then.

Thomas who had earlier refrained from paving way for Phil by signing divorce papers has finally given-up and willingly to do, a close source revealed.

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