Bad Black: Mbwa Mwe I’m Hiding My Son’s Face From You Until He’s 8 Years Old.

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has swore and made it clear that no one will ever see her son’s face until he is eight years, due to reasons best known to her.

She added that her son Jesse McCathy is to be hidden from the camera and from people until he is eight years, because people are wicked, they might bewitch.

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My son Jesse is not going to be seen by everyone, I want his life to be private, You will only see him when he turns eight years but as for now, you should only enjoy seeing me as Black“, Bad Black stood by her word.

Bad Black gave birth to Jesse, who also happens to be her third child and he is a child of her ex fiance, a white man whom she dumped right before giving birth and receiving a big diamond ring from him.