“I Want To Go To USA, And Give Other Local Musicians A Chance.” Khalifah Aganaga Brags.

Proud singer Khalifah Aganaga has come out to brag about getting the US citizenship though he has not yet decided where to leave Uganda, or stay a little longer.

Forget about the US immigration intent, Kalifah revealed how he’s undecided about his future in the music industry, whether to his the international make, or stay here with his local fans, who understand him best.

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He secured his 2 years US visa back in March 2019, running up to 2021 as one of the travel documents required for one to enter the ‘Trump Land’, how he got a good paying job and a house in America.

Claiming to be a big problem to the local music industry, Kalifah is now seeking for enough guidance and advice from the public on whether to take over this opportunity or not.

“Two years Visa ,a house Car And a Job in The USA ….Leave Uganda, You’re becoming a problem to the music industry. I have been with this since March when they got me that Visa…..But I refused….what should I do…Bantu Bange…I need your guidance here.” Aganaga stated in  joking way.