You see this woman, you by pass her but still cant help thinking of her beauty. “Can i go back and try talking to her?” you ask your self. “No, i am not smart enough, ooh i don’t think she will want to talk to me?”

Well this is what most men go through when they want to approach a girl but are not sure if they should make a move or they just quit and if your one of those afraid of hitting on you crush due to fear of rejection or other reasons then this is probably just for you.

A man making his crash happy. its not all about being serious but also taking light moments together, getting to know each other better. Photo credit: Internet

Trying to convince a girl into love is like swimming the Indian ocean but if you do it right then all goes smooth sailing. Now leave alone what you see in the movies, That’s one mistake guys do. what happens in movies is just acted but if you want to win your crash then follow these simple steps.

HUNTER STRATEGY. Hunters never keep their eyes of the prey but since human hunters are few and you are probably looking for evidence, well look at how cheaters do it as single hunters. Most of the time guys want to rush into every pretty girl and this lack of focus somehow lets her know your a player so every time you see that girl, keep your focus locked.

LET HER FEEL LOVED. Well guys are not born romantic so they are not used to being so good but remember, this is someone you love and need to please so get your pride gone and call her often, give her those sweet names and DON’T forget introducing her to all your friends.

PATIENCE. I REPEAT…PATIENCE. Patience pains right? but pays too. if your not a player, the only way you convince her of your seriousness is waiting. if you call and she doesn’t answer, give her some time. you text and no reply, wait. trying to get that date but she says she has no time, just be patient and don’t be quick to take her to your place with intentions of “eating” her.

PAINT A FUTURE OF YOU TOGETHER. One of the mistakes we guys do is just telling a girl how you love her but do you tell her about your future with her? girls are complicated so they say but that”s not really true, they only want to feel secure and make sure that your intentions are not to use them but be with them forever. show them that you want to not only date them but also get married (of course this cant be in the first two weeks. at least after four months of hanging around with her)

Caution. in as much as these tips work, its not guaranteed that you will win her heart since every one has an aim. you may have chosen one who is not in to love or who is money mined but all these you can get to know in the first three weeks of dating.

Good luck winning her over 😉