Convicted Troy Wamala Sentenced To 14Years In Jail For Mowzey Radio’s Manslaughter

By Wycliff G; Thursday, October 31, 2019, High Court has sentenced Mr. Troy Wamala to 14 years in jail after being found guilty of man slaughtering singer Moses Ssekibogo Nakintijje aka Mowzey Radio on 22nd January 2018.

Judge Jane Francis Abodo revealed to the court that it’s unfortunate that some of the factors, in this case, led her to rejected requests from the request by friends, family, and fans of the late of punishing Troy to the maximum.

“Proportionality is a cardinal principle of sentencing: having said that, I find that a 14-year sentence is formative enough,” said judge Abodo.

This means Troy will have to serve 12years, 3months, and 4days. This will be an addition to the 1year, 8months, and 26days he spent on remand.

Troy’s lawyer Ronald Kasibante had earlier asked for a clement punishment to his client but Justice Abodo affirmed that there was no way he would walk away with it, especially after committing such a crime.

However, the convict, Troy has a right to appeal the sentence if interested.

Justice Abodo also accused the investigative officers of not providing ample and clear statements regarding this case as this caused delays in the court duties.

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