“You Are Thieves, And You Want To Steal My 3M Without Shame!” MC Kats Blasts Toyota Uganda.

MC Kats is in more trouble after he was slapped with a Shs 3m bill for scratching a Toyota Uganda owned vehicle as he was reversing to depart from Wave Lounge, after a long night of partying and drinking.

The events’ emcee and artistes manager is now headed to foot a bill of Shs3m that he claims is too much for just a mere scratch of a cheap car that he damaged accidentally.

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It is said that MC Kats’ Harrier was pounded to Kira police station, after he failed to agree with the person who’s car he scratched, after throwing insults at the victim.

Through his social media pages, MC Kats accused Toyota Uganda of trying to rob him of his hard earned money, he begs for help after he cited the issue as a thuggery case saying that the person he scratched combined with Toyota Uganda are just opportunists.

“Toyota this is thuggery Ugandans. So on Saturday I scratched some dudes car as I reversed. It was a small scratch. Lucky enough there was a police officer and waveloungeug security and manager saw it. So this guy has combined with Toyota Uganda to rob me. How can you ask me Shs 3M for that damage.” MC Kats ranted