“Associating With Buchman, Full Figure And Sipapa, Is President Museveni’s Worst Mistake.” Lil Pazo Shocks Jajja Bruce.

Like old friends catch up a lot comes into play, remembering all the good and bad memories, especailly when they got caught in South Sudan a few months ago.

However, Lil Pazo is very disappointed in President Museveni for appointing a drug addict who can’t even help himself, but expected to help others. Pazo asserts that a sworn drug addict can never contribute any constructive ideas to the development of the Ghetto.

Lil Pazo also sarcastically commented on Remah, Eddy Kenzo, and Hamza’s saga, saying that life is karma, you get what you give, hence Hamza will also experience the pain of losing his wife to another man, though he also thanked him for saving Rema from Kenzo’s boyish behavior.

In his comic nature Jajja Bruce kept on provoking Lil Pazo to comment about almost all the latest trending celebrity stories and politics, hence Pazo spoken whatever he felt like without fear or favor.

Full Figure is a mad person, who is too miserable and a hypocrite who can never be trusted, considering that she betrayed Bobi Wine, and she will betray Museveni too. Appointing Buchaman, Full Figure, Sipapa, and all other useless people to represent his ideas, might end President Museveni’s presidential career on a sad note.

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