“Marijuana Is Good For Youths, And Government Should Encourage Them To Take It.” Buchaman Tells Museveni.

Singer Mark Bugembe, popularly known as Buchaman, maintained that marijuana/ ganja is not a drug but just a local herb, that Ghetto people can’t live without.

The newly appointed president envoy on issues concerning the ghetto explained that in the ghetto the youths use different types of drugs, as an escape from the harsh reality of the ghetto living.

He went ahead and stressed that drugs are exported from abroad saying that they are the most dangerous ones that people always use and end up being checked into rehab.

“Ganja is not a drug but rather medicine from way back that our grand parents used to use. In the ghetto there youths who use cocoiane, sniff glue among other staff., just to stay sober.” said a rather unapologetic¬†Buchaman