Pallaso And Elder Brother Jose Chameleone Reportedly In A Song Release Clash

By Wycliff G; Blood brothers Jose Chameleone and Pallaso have been linked into another bloody fight after disagreeing on the right time to release their new song.

According to liable sources, Pallaso is insisting on releasing the new project as earlier as possible this year contrary to Chameleone’s plans that is flowing an official release of his upcoming music album.

This collabo is said to be one of Chameleone’s top master pieces on his new album that he is still compiling and expected to be released mid this year.

Chameleone and Pallaso

The song in ruckus is yet disclosed however close sources claim it’s a collaboration between the two and Tanzanian singer Harmonize.

The two brothers have often clashed over songs they have hit studio together as the most recent scenario was with the ‘Hanah’ that caused heads-blow off among the two.

We will keep you posted