“I Can Not Allow My Son To Marry A Prostitute And A Lesibian Like Sheebah, Over My Dead Body!” Tamale Mirundi Bitter After His Son Publicly Crushed On Sheebah.

Former Presidential press secretary and mouth watered political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi has showed total disappointment in his favorite son, Joseph Tamale Mirundi Jr. after confessing publicly how he crushes on TNS singer Sheebah Karungi thereby lamenting how his son is such a misfortune in his family no wonder he can’t inherit him as his heir.

During a TV interview, the 23 year old graduand of Industrial and Organisational Psychology from Makerere University recently revealed how he couldn’t contain his feelings and crush on the Queen of the area’ thereby wishing how he would make it easy for her to walk down the aisle in a luxurious wedding ceremony if he was in the same bracket with the ‘Enyanda’ singer.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, suit

“I love Sheebah so much given the fact that she is even my best local musician of all times. It would have been possible to marry her so easily if we were in the same age brackets,” Stated Joseph Tamale Mirundi Junior

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While being uncensored on TV last Tuesday, “Mutabani wa Yowana Mirundi ne Molly Namatovu” asserted how there was no way his son could marry a promiscuous and old lady like the “Enyanda” singer basing on her sensitive social life and age bracket as well.

Tamale is assertive that his son is meant to date young campus girls not musicians who are old enough to be his mothers no wonder he can’t be his heir.

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