Ykee Benda Praises His Baby Dante In New Song ‘Blessings’, Watch Video Here

By Wycliff G; We actually set huge expectations for babies when it comes to our own.

We want them to be beautiful in the eyes of others, just as much as they are to us.

We dream of having a beautiful baby, as much as we want a healthy one.

What is the obsession with beautiful babies? There doesn’t seem to be any scientific reasoning behind it.

But, if we take into consideration our obsession with looks, in general, it makes sense.

We simply want beautiful babies that grow into, hopefully, attractive adults.

This is so for Ugandan music mogul, Ykee Benda whose one-year old child, Dante Quain who is currently living the dream on this earth.

Ykee Benda and son Dante

Ykee’s son is the inspiration for his daddy’s current endless jovial moments.

In reward, Ykee has recorded a song ‘Blessings’ heaping love for baby Dante as he celebrated his first birthday on 21st June, 2020.

Also, Benda has preached blessings, encouragement and humble advice to Dante in the song for him to succeed as he grows elevates to manhood.

Despite bearing fresh wounds after parting-ways with Dante’s mother, Julie Batenga, Ykee emphasizes that Dante should respect her in his entire life.

The ‘Superman’ hitmaker is really making Dante, roar at a very tender age.

Watch video here:

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