Video | Crysto Panda & Sheebah Manifest Class In ‘Kyoyina Omanya Remix’ Visuals, Watch It Here

By Wycliff G; Multi-talented singer, Crysto Panda is currently one of the hot-cakes in the music industry as his works are continuously surprising.

The singer who also doubles as a TV presenter and stage MC’s hard work is phenomenal and is making him stand a test of time even during this season where the entertainment sector has heavily been hit the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Panda’s highly anticipated ‘Kyoyina Omanya remix’ video featuring songstress Sheebah Karungi is off the premiere panel and now ready to the public eye.

In the video, Sheebah and Crysto exhibit their style versatility and prove that they are top notches in dance strokes.

Heaping quality to the project, Sheebah showcases her trendy fashion attires that clearly blend her soupy body shape into a sexy mama.

Crysto Panda features with the best choice of dress code matching with his dance moves.

Fabled young music producer, Artin pro dropped the best dancehall beats that have since sent party animals wild.

On Camera, videographer Aaronaire neatly captured electrifying sessions making it an addictive video.

Watch video here;