Feffe Bussi In Fight With Upcoming Artist, Dosa Dosa Over ‘Onkuba’ Song

By Wycliff G; Sensational rapper, Frank Mukiza alias Feffe Bussi is in hot soup after being named in a brawl with an upcoming artist over his latest song ‘Onkuba’.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut show, Dosa Dosa accused Feffe Bussi of rejecting to pay him for the Okuba song that he wrote him.

Feffe Bussi

The ‘Ndaga Muntu’ singer pinned Feffe Bussi’s manager, a one ‘Arafat’ of deceiving him that in instead, he was to receive his payment before the song could be released or else he would be credited in either the audio or video.

Dosa also revealed how he was falsely played by both Feffe and his manager to point of releasing the song without his notice and recognition.

Dosa Dosa

He further stated that its almost three months now since he song double premiere but Feffe and Arafat have refrained from his contacts.

Meanwhile, Feffe and his camp are still blunt to comment about Dosa’s allegations.

Watch alleged song Onkuba by Feffe Bussi here;

We will hold you posted