Kadongo Kamu musician, Gerald Kiweewa Set Free

By Wycliff G; Fabled Kadongo Kamu genre guru, Gerald Kiweewa is exultated after being released from prison.

Gerald’s uncuffing on Tuesday, followed the Chief Magistrates at Buganda Road Court demanding his immediate release from CID headquarters’ custody where he had been held since Friday last week.

This was after the government prosecutor failed to land formal accusations as earlier tabled by the Criminal Investigation Department that his ‘Nataba’ song defamed Kayunga Woman MP Idah Erios Nantaba.

A screen grab from the controversial Nantaba song

According to his legal team headed by Counsel Eria Nawanuwe from the Network of Public Interest Lawyers,

It’s our pleasure to have finally secured a court order / release order from the Chief Magistrates at Buganda Road Court, Her Worship, Stella Maris Odongo ordering the Police to release five people, Gerald Kiweewa,” said Mr. Nawanuwe.

This follows a game where Police was engaging and not being truthful where the accused’s court file was because yesterday, they informed us that their file was at the DPP’s chambers but we cross checked and it was not true. So today we came with a court order saying that let the Police release him,” added Eria.

Kiweewa was arrested from his home in Maganjo, Wakiso district after allegations of having defamed Miss. Nantaba, the former state minister for ICT and National Guidance in his song, titled Nantaba.

Gerald Kiweewa

It was revealed that Nantaba had expressed her concerns to Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala claiming that Kiweewa used his Nantaba song lyrics to indirectly demean her reputation.

Further, CID recorded Nantaba’s complaint on GEF 442/2020 on Thursday before raiding his home.

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