Bebe Cool condemns NRM for front lining Mayinja’s ‘Mzee Akalulu kako’ song before his ‘Mwongede Akalulu’

By Wycliff G; Gagamel International CEO at the same time President Museveni preacher Bebe Cool has cried out loud after National Resistance Movement (NRM) top officials for exaggeratingly praising singer Ronald Mayinja who has just joined the party.

Bebe Cool

During his interview on Urban TV, Bebe Cool expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the NRM officials deciding to use newly welcomed NRM party member and singer Ronald Mayinja’s ‘Mzee Akalulu kako’ song as the official campaign musical badge for President Museveni.

I love speaking the truth and you know that. You have brought Mayinja in NRM, I personally as Bebe Cool, am very happy for him because I need such people and likewise as the entire party. But there is no way you can just come out and prioritize his song before Bebe Cool’s,” Bebe Cool said.

Bebe also said that its hurting to notice that the level at which the NRM party is getting shameful over such ruckus in view from the opposition is overwhelming.

Such ruckus is being keenly monitored even by the opposition and we end up being laughed at. It becomes outrightly evident in the public eye as; that man has done a lot for those people but he is never appreciated,” Bebe adds.

Ronald Mayinja

He also went ahead to figure-out fellow singer and NRM supporter Big Eye Starboss as an example with whom they are facing similar challenges at the moment.

So it does apply for singer Big Eye Starboss despite his comic character, but he has served the NRM for almost 4years risking his life before the opposition.”

The ‘Wire Wire’ singer further revealed how he lamented the same story to the man in talks ‘Ronald Mayinja’ together with his manager.

I am not attacking Mayinja, I even personally stated this before him and his manager Kavuma. I asked them to stop raising chaos and disorganizations in our party that they have condemned for the last 10years.

It’s clearly evident that, over two decades Bebe Cool has been significant when it comes to supporting and serving President Y.K Museveni and the NRM political party.

This has not been a bed of roses as it at times involved him closely losing his life and the public boycotting his music career because of the arising anti-Museveni atmosphere and personalities.

Band Music artist Ronald Mayinja seems to have ended his longtime nomadism in political parties last week when he announced his membership in the NRM a few months after getting the National Unity Platform (NUP) supporter’s ticket.

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