Sheebah on having babies and marriage

By Wycliff G; Sensational singer, Sheebah Samali Karungi has hit-back at critics regarding her plans to have kids and marital status.

Sheebah Karungi

In an interview with NBS TV Uncut show’s presenter One Lord Kayz, Sheebah trashed all rumors that she could be barren and its why she is not married and has no babies even at an age of 31.

The Team No Sleep singer schooled people with a mindset of rushing others for life goals without plans.

“Its weird with the way Ugandans are create ages and goals for us. People are on my page pressurizing me to have babies, its like I have clocked 50. They are also clinging on me to get married. But let me teach you shortly, that in life, everyone has a goals and a specific plan for them. I love kids so much, but I don’t want to rush having kids when God has not yet set my right time,” Sheebah Karungi said.

Sheebah also lamented how she is patiently waiting on for God to let her to have babies despite her passion of having kids around her.

My right time will come and I will surely have them. You don’t have to throw stones and pinning me to be barren because you are not God.

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