BITABUSE! READ Fresh details emerge on Archbishop Lwanga’s mystery death

Fresh details have emerged on the mystery death of Kampala Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga. Lwanga was announced dead on Saturday, April 3, after being found lifeless lying in his room. According to inside sources, the fallen Archbishop, Cyprian Kizito Lwanga spent the last hours at his official Rubaga residence on Friday evening preparing his Easter Mass message.

Sources further intimated to Daily Express that the Archbishop looked frail since Friday morning. They added that despite the condition, it did not cause an alarm since he was fasting in observance of the Lent period that was coming to an end.

Multiple sources close to the official residence of the late prelate said he had a history of hypertension. “At least he had not complained of any illness. Not in public,” the sources said.

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Dr Steven Kazimba Mugalu, who in one of the Easter services yesterday, said after they had held the Way of the Cross, he was invited for a snack but he declined because he was fasting.

Other sources said many people did not make contact with the prelate because he always emphasized individual withdrawal whenever he was preparing a message for delivery on a big day since he was to be the main celebrant at Rubaga Cathedral Easter Mass.

Although we could not independently verify this information, this publication has learned that the first person to know of the demise of Dr Lwanga, was one of his domestic workers.

“One of the workers in the house of the archbishop entered his room in the morning after knocking the door several times with no response and found his body lying lifeless. That was the first time the news broke to the world,” the sources said.

Adding: “The remains of the archbishop were picked by the police from the house, which has since been cordoned off as a crime scene as the police continue to comb for clues that could have caused his sudden death.”

The sources also said his remains were transported to the nearby Rubaga Hospital for further examination before they were taken to Mulago hospital, hours later.