“I had no time for Kyagulanyi’s nosense” Minister Nakiwala on storming out of Rubaga Cathedral

Every one was surprised to see Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi matching out of church Nosooner had the People Power – Uganda boss been called to speak to the congregation on Easter Sunday.

According to Nakiwala, there was nothing developmental that Kyagulanyi was going to speak other than the usual things of blaming the government on whatever thing that happens in Uganda thus unworthy giving ear.

“Whatever  he says or speaks, its anti government. He is one person who blames the NRM government on anything. He has made Museveni his project but he won’t succeed. I didn’t have time to listen to his nosense.” Nakiwala says.

The state Minister for youths added that Bobi Wine lacks the knowledge and capacity to lead this country because he thinks that he will run government the same way he does his music yet the two are completely different.

Nakiwala also added that this is why the people of Uganda decided to choose Museveni other than a person who was going to undermine the successes brought by the NRM.