BAMBI for give my doughter – Frank Gashumba begs God’s Plan To Give Sheilah Second Chance

People claiming to be neighbors to Frank Gashumba reveal that the renowned Philanthropist and business is on God’s Plans case after he decided to use and dump daughter Sheilah Gashumba.

The alleged neighbors have revealed that they heard Gashumba shouting on top of his voice in the wee hours of Monday, ordering God’s Plan to find away of giving daughter Sheilah Gashumba another chance .

“The other night, it was close to 4am and he was threatening to teach Lwanga a lesson if he tries to completely dump Sheilah. He ordered him to find away of giving daughter second chance. He even remainded him how Sheilah had made him become a huge socialite”, Gashumba’s neighbors discloses.

The neighbors allege further that Gashumba said that Sheilah was the one supposed to dump God’s Plan not him dumping her.