Kaweesi snatched girlfriend from late tycoon Wamala, ISO suspect parades new evidence

Internal Security Organization (ISO) is holding a cyclist in its safe house who is claiming that Kaweesi’s girlfriend and a section of police officers masterminded the killing of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Spy reports has learnt. According to our highly placed source at the Nakasero based ISO headquarters, the suspect with a pseudo name Rasta currently held at an unnamed safe house around Kampala during one of the intensive squeezing by ISO operatives alleged that Kaweesi’s girlfriend Christine Mbabazi was in the meeting that took place at Kati Kati restaurant a day before Kaweesi was assassinated.

This ISO source also claims that this suspect also has gunshot wound in one of his hands which he sustained during the fire exchange between Kaweesi killers and his guards.

Rasta was reportedly hired as the driver of the motor cycle which carried one of the killers in Kulambiro March 17 shootings.

It is reported that Rasta was shot in the hand by Kaweesi body guard Kenneth Erau after the killers indiscriminately opened and showered their car with bullets.

This source whom police alleges is coached by ISO operatives also claims that Mbabazi allegedly after the meeting delivered shs 200 million to Kaweesi guards who were also reportedly part of the deal.

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