John Blaq finally speaks out on viral sex tape – “Iam more than prepared”

Singer John Kasadha alias John Blaq has finally come out to speak his mind about the leaked viral bedroom videos that dragged his name in the mud.

The singer was allaged to have had his s3x video leaked, an act that was widely criticised. However, as it turned out, the s3x video was not actually John Blaq’s and had been leaked by his lookalike. Despite the fact that the singer’s name was dragged into the saga and the negative publicity it brought his brand, the singer says he was not shocked.

The “Ebyalagirwa” singer revealed that he expected all this drama and hate in the music industry, saying it was inevitable for someone to try to bring him down. However, he says whoever plotted this mischief didn’t succeed.

“When I came into the music Business, I knew bad publicity is inevitable. I always expect anything and I am prepared,” revealed the singer.

The singer has been some kind of a sensation ever since he came into the music game in that duet with Vinka, never looking back and belting out hit songs.

By the time concerts were banned sue to the surging not numbers of COVID-19 infections around the world, the singer was one of the most sought after artistes in the country.

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