Jose Chameleon opens up on divorce and challenges in his marriage

Singer Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon has opened up about divorce and challenges he is facing in his relationship.


Jose Chameleon has been married with his wife Daniella for twelve years and the two have four children together. However, Daniella and the four children relocated to the United States of America where they fully settled and are persuing education.

There has been rumors making rounds on social media that Jose Chameleon and the wife Daniella are in the process of divorcing but here is the truth.

In an interview with Tusker Malt, Jose Chameleon admitted that Daniella moving to the United States has affected their relationship because they take long to see each other.

“It is a big challenge to be in a long-distance relationship, it’s not easy by the way. In public you portray all is good but it’s not easy.” Jose Chameleon said

Chameleon went ahead and trashed the divorce rumors saying they are still intimate and their relationship is still going on because none of them has re-married.

“My wife trusts me, I also trust her. Has any of us remarried wherever we are? You know why? Because love builds trust,”

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