Justine You’re fighting me because you know I’m way above you – Faridah Nakazibwe tells off Justine Nameere

NTV Uganda news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has fired back at former colleague Justine Nameere for attacking her over the controversial matter involving her estranged ex-husband Omar Ssali. Weeks ago, Nameere, the former presenter of NTV Life Stories published a dossier in which she accused Nakazibwe, of being blind to her man’s pretence and schemes to blackmail women.

According to Nameere, Ssali sent himself messages purportedly from women who wanted him as a trick to successfully fool Nakazibwe to believe that women like her (Nameere) and the gorgeous Flavia Tumusiime Kabuura were planning to snatch him away from the NTV Mwasuze Mutya presenter.

Nameere also explained that she exposed Nakazibwe in the lengthy social media statement because she refused to come out and publicly apologize even after she learnt that Ssali had fooled her. She added that Nakazibwe’s claim that she wanted to steal her man caused her depression and many companies refused to give her their juicy gigs.

But Saturday night, Nakazibwe spoke out for the first time on the matter, saying she ignored Nameere because she was fasting and didn’t want to spoil her fast.

Now, in a veiled attack on Nameere, Nakazibwe has told her former colleague that she will not manage her because she is a class apart. While leading the NTV Uganda social media team during the Saturday night television battle between NTV Dance Party and NBS Saturday Night Live, Nakazibwe dedicated Bobi Wine’s Mazzi Mawanvu song to those who are fighting her.

“Akayimba ka Mazzi mawanvu akali ku #NTVDanceParty kati nkaweerezza bonna abampalampa (I dedicate the Mazzi Mawanvu ‘deep waters’ song playing on NTV Dance Party to all those who are fighting me),” said Nakazibwe.

Although she didn’t mention names of those daring her, it is no longer news that Nameere’s recent media appearances in which she continued to expose her have been bothering her. The other person that could be on the list of her enemies is NBS TV rumor monger Zahara Totto with whom she was engaged in a social media war over her wardrobe which she said was cheap compared to that of NTV entertainment show host Lynda Ddane.