“They are mine,” Mr Henry dares Geosteady again by claiming his childre

Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie is a man that likes to keep her verbal warfare with singer Geosteady at boiling point. The pair have clashed several times since the radio star sidestepped the singer to snatch Prima Kardashi from the ‘Viola’ hitmaker.

Now, days after their cyber fight, the Galaxy FM presenter has incensed Geo again, after he claimed ownership of the singer’s children Solange and Soraya.

During an interview with Spark Television on Thursday, Mr Henrie said that the children are his now.

“It’s not all about sex, when you love somebody you accept everything that comes with them. They are my children now. ” He said

Additionally, Henrie revealed that he takes care of them as a father would take care of his offspring.  For example, he claimed he pays their school fees and fulfills his other responsibilities as a father in their mother’s life.

“When they get sick I take them to the hospital, they are equally my children now,” Henrie added.

“If I was a smart wire like some of you think, i wouldn’t mind but I love this woman, what is mine is hers and what’s hers is mine. ” He added.

The radio presenter explained that he has a dream of having a multi-million business before he makes 30 years so as to provide a good life to his love and their children.

” We want to leave something for Soraya and Solange,” He noted.

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