Sasha Brighton bonking with Spark TV’s Kheem GK after dumping Herbert Shonga

Former Da Nu Eagles singer Sasha Brighton is a woman that is famed for feasting round several city Men with selfless abandon, hopping from one to another in quick succession.


The singer has now, few months after after calling it quits with broke city socialite Herbert Shonga reportedly struck up a worrying closeness with Spark TV host Kheem.

The pair have been inseparable lately and many of their fans and followers have noticed the unusual fondness and began to suspect that there is a new relationship brewing in the pipeline.

The pair have been spotted countless times together behaving strangely towards each other and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Many have actually concluded that the pair are not just friends but a new couple in town.

If true, this will add to Sasha’s long list of used and dumped Celebrities such as Geoffrey Lutaaya, Pallaso, Herbert Shonga, among others.

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