Starving Daxx Kartel returns to MOMO 19 after months of loneliness

The Bakuzaala mubaala hit maker Daxx Kartel omuyeruba and BBS tv presenter Momo 19 are reportedly back together and this has been confirmed by close friend.


After months of broken marriage Imbaraga radio can reliably inform you the decade long star couple is back to romping business and Momo 19 is happily servicing starved Daxx kartel.

The superstar couple hit a snug after Momo 19 reportedly cheated on Daxx Kartel with south African based socialite and left kartel in tears which prompted him to release song called OLIDE ENYAMA YANGE however this Momo 19 denied saying they where just business partners

Momo 19 aswell accused Kartel of not controlling his libido and slept with her best friend and the two are expecting a child together.

It should be recalled that at the end of last year Momo 19 introduced Daxx Kartel at her fathers family at an introduction ceremony attended by almost all Kampala celebrities and artists.

The two had called off their marriage after suspected cheating scandals with both accusing each other of cheating.

However social media has been awash of photos of them together that has left the Facebook in laws in shock.

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