“He is misleading his sheep!” Pastor Ssempa accuses Pastor Bugingo of adultery

There are quite a number of things that you rarely come to see. One of those things is a man of God in active service of the Christian faith marrying a second bride while his first bride still lives.

Well, it is on the brink of happening in Uganda as city pastor Aloysius Bugingo is putting final touches on his long-awaited wedding with his new sweetheart Suzan Makula despite vehement protests from his first wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo.

Now another city Pastor and disciplinarian Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church has weighed in on the saga.

Suzan Makula introduced Pastor Bugingo

The two men of God seem to be having contrasting interpretations of the scriptures and are having another Public row on the same. As we wrote this, Bugingo was introduced by his new woman in Kyebando and the wedding is just a call away despite the fact that on legal and religious grounds, he is still married to Teddy Naluswa.

It is against this background that Ssempa insists that Bugingo is simply committing a blatant sin intentionally, referring to his new union with Makula as adultery. he also wonders what example Bugingo is setting for his sheep.

Ssempa also castigated for being the reason why pastors are ridiculed and looked at as a laughing stock. He, therefore, demanded that the government gives them an independent ministry to be able to discipline such rogue men of God.

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