Fans lash at Eddy Kenzo for ‘Spoiling’ Pia Pounds’ “Tupaate” Song

Released 11 months ago, Pia Pounds Tupate song was just another average song that rarely got significant airrplay.

However, lately, the song has become some fiesty party animals’ anthem.
It has dominated air waves across East Africa and many have fallen in love with it, thanks to it’s catchy and party inducing lyrics.

BET award winner Eddy Kenzo is among the many Ugandans who have been enjoying the song and he couldn’t let it just fade away without giving it his own touch. The “Tweyagale” singer collaborated with Pia Pounds and MC Africa, the man behind the song’s resurgence and they did a remix for Tupate which is currently trending.

Fans however furious with Eddy Kenzo as they have attacked him for spoiling it. These believe that he did not do much as they expected and many have stormed his Facebook page to express their dissatisfaction.

“How do I tell someone that yo song is really shity, in a polite way,” Dizo Fi Rotter commented.

“The truth is am not a music analyst but the original does it to me than remix. Wayononye bili noda nemukatii,” Ak Kirya Uganda

Murungi Aggrey chipped in.

“You spoilt the song your verse is totally rubbish,” Vyro Busiiki was unforgiving.

“This remix wasn’t necessary the same way Lil Baby killed Essence song.” Miriam Miriam observed.

“Olwo walwononye ugandans temwagaliza so u made a hit to become a Sunday school song. Kenzo oyiina etiima true meaning of ” okufiirwa wakiri nyonnona,” Miriam Miriam added.

“You just spoilt everything I couldn’t believe it….you could do better any way I come in good faith not violence,” Mutabani wa Hajat, another Facebook user fumed.

There are some fans that believe Eddy did a good job, though.

“Regina Namamanja Muleke efutwa , the song is a banger in all the three waves ( pia, mc Africa & Eddy Kenzo)

“Guys listen if you don’t like this remix go make your own and we see. In this life I have people who make themselves to be smart yet they are not,” Ivan David retorted.

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