“You’re selfless,” Fans applaud Mc Kats for asking Museveni to support his HIV/AIDS stigma campaigns instead of ‘begging’ for money, cars like other celebrities

Popular MC and NBS After 5 Presenter, Edwin Katamba, popularly known as MC Kats seems destined for greatness ever since he went public with his HIV status.

A few days ago, President Museveni appeared at the same event with the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Mic’ at Kololo grounds where Kats, one of the notable speakers had his campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma endorsed by President Museveni. After the event ended, President Museveni went to his official Twitter page and posted a photo of Mc Kats and captioned it saying that the country has come a long way in the fight against the disease and everyone has a role to play in society in order to curb out the disease.

“We have come a long way, and today I can say with confidence that we are winning the battle against HIV/AIDS. Everyone has a role to play. I thank everyone who has come up with clear and accurate information on how we can help each other in this fight; Everyone who has spoken up,” Museveni tweeted.

While appearing in an interview on a live local TV official Facebook page, Kats was asked why he didn’t ask Museveni for Money and a car like other celebrities and he replied that his aim was not money or cars but he was aiming at informing the President to stand with him in his campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma.

Kats said that all he wanted the President to know is that HIV/AIDS stigma can be ended if he accepts to stand with him so his aim was to request the President to help people living with HIV/AIDS so that they also live happily without being stigmatised.

A lot of people paid attention to Kat’s reply to the question in the comments section as many wondered and of course gushed over how unselfish he is, others named him a hero.

“Mc Kats is a hero other Ugandan celebrities can’t do that,” one Lippy Rita commented.

“Much love and respect mc Kats, thank you for being unselfish,” Hamud Nanyonga commented.

“Blessings follow you Kats thank you for caring,” Acen Linda commented.

“Respect king of the mic you’re better than those who asked for cars and money,” Nisha Darling commented.

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