Raymond Bindeeba wife Precious Remmie issues stern warning to her ‘co-wives’

Spark TV’s Live Wire presenter Precious Remmie made headlines a few weeks ago when she introduced a gentleman identified as Raymond Bindeeba, a renowned womanizer.

The sassy presenter has continued to prove to the world that Bindeeba is as deep in love with her as she is and not ready to give up on her as many believe. While speaking to Fifi Da Queen, Remmy boasted that she is Bindeeba’s official wife now and doesn’t care about his alleged girlfriends.


“I don’t care if you are there or not, Cocktail Bindeeba belongs to me now. I’m his wife,” She bragged. Remmy added that her marriage and the love she receives from her husband has given her so much peace of mind, a reason why she has added weight.

“I’ve added 3 Kgs of weight just because of the love he gives me. Knowing fully that he is dating only me and that I’m dating only him gives me peace,” Remmy added.

After Remmy introduced Bindeeba and photos from their introduction ceremony made rounds, many claimed that she loves him more than he loves her, predicting doom for the union. However, Remmy has trashed the claims saying that they love each other equally.

“When you are in love with the right person you don’t force anything or prove it to anyone,” She said



It was also alleged that before meeting Bindeeba, Remmy’s baby daddy proposed to her but she turned down his proposal saying that she was not ready. However, she seemed to claim it’s her baby daddy that was not ready and was duly dumped.

“If you have someone who is not making a choice and another who is ready, just go with the one who’s ready because we are not growing younger anymore. Stop trying to take your time studying a guy  because you’ll delay and another woman introduces him.” Remmy stressed.

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