“Genda oyambe ku bbawo okufuuka celeb nze tonjasamira” – Crysto Panda ayambalidde Sheilla Gashumba ne Rickman

While appearing on NBS after 5 show a few days ago, Sheilah Gashumba advised Crysto Panda to cease doing ‘fake music’ and do better. She said that the rapper is talented but needs to add value to his music.


“Crysto Panda needs to stop singing about trendy words and doing remixes of songs because he has so much potential. Some remixes like ‘Balumye’ are not necessary,” She said.

The TV presenter claims that such songs should just be sung only while Panda is in the shower because they are not good for public consumption.

The rapper has now responded to Gashumba’s criticism by advising her to give the advice to her boyfriend Rickman Manrick who has also been jumping on trends.

“I think she signed Rickman as her artist, the best thing she can do is to divert the energy she’s putting on me to the artist she’s handling.  Why would someone be concerned about my music yet they don’t fund it?

“Just mind about your business, if you are a TV presenter do your job, present the song and leave the rest to the people watching,” Panda said during an interview on Galaxy FM.

Will keep you posted about this story.

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