“Bambi mulekere awo okunkuba obucupa sinze eyagana Bobi Wine okuyimba” – Big Eye yegayiridde abawagizi abamukasukira obucupa

Singer Mayanja Ibrahim aka Big Eye Starboss was on Sunday pelted with bottles during a live performance at Jahazi Pier.

This was the second time the singer was being attacked with bottles while on stage and the reason for it is because of his support for National Resistance Movement – NRM and President Yoweri Museveni. According to him, the attacks are from National Unity Platform – NUP supporters and he has vowed to get them arrested.


“I’m requesting my fans and Journalists who recorded videos showing people pelting bottles at me, send them me please so we can search for those individuals and start from there because this has become too much. It’s frustrating and challenging,” He said during an interview on a local Television station.

The singer stressed that he has done nothing wrong to Ugandans but they keep torturing him.

“I’ve never done anything violent to hurt anyone. The only thing I did was to support NRM,” He said.

On Monday, he challenged Bobi Wine to talk to his fans and stop them from pelting the bottles.

“I challenge you Hon Bobi Wine if you believe in democracy to come out and speak to your supporters and tell them to separate music from politics. Let them stop attacking me when I’m performing on stage,” He cried out.

He further explained that while on stage, he is always doing his job adding that politics ended so they should let him do his job.

Ugandans however have reminded him that while he claims that politics ended, Bobi Wine still can not stage any musical show.

He responded to them and said that.

“I’m not the one that stopped Bobi Wine from performing on stage. I’m not a security person or government,” Big Eye.

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