Comedian Alex Muhangi’s close pal reveals truth about his alleged bonking with Vivian

On Wednesday, Comedian Alex Muhangi created a storm out of what her terms as a joke gone bad.

The comedian posted a photo of himself holding Vivian Mutanda’s bum which caused a massive uproar, with many bashing him for being disrespectful to his wife Prim Asiimwe.

Vivian Mutanda is the girl in the Bryan White sexual assault scandal. However, a few hours after he had posted it, the Comedy Store boss was forced to delete the photo after suffering massive backlash from fans.

Alex Muhangi with Vivian Mutanda

Now, close sources to the comedian indicate that there is no big deal going on between Alex and Vivian. A close pal to Alex who prefers to be anonymous revealed that it was actually Vivian that was star struck when she met Alex that she wanted to have a photo moment with him.

“The truth is that nothing is between Alex Muhangi and Vivian. I was with him when that allegation came about. He actually deleted the photo because of the comments fans were posting.

“You know those girls. When they see a celeb they are always dying to get selfies and pics with them. It is just a pic but nothing between Alex and Vivian,” a close friend to Alex clarified.

However, the photo seems to have already generated a storm that Alex will have to take some effort to disentangle himself from.

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