Former MUK don Stella Nyanzi dares Museveni again! Draws his manhood in Iceland museum (See Photos)

Learned researcher and former Makerere University top Don has dared president Yoweri Museveni’s wrath again after she yet again staged a vulgar protest against the Ugandan head of state. Dr Nyanzi is not yet ready to give up on her fight against Museveni’s  over-stay in power and alleged human rights abuses.

After getting arrested for cyber harrasment in 2017, many thought that the professor would cease from attacking the first family. But alas!

During her visit to Iceland, Nyanzi took to Icelandic Phallalogical Museum and drew a picture of a penis and called it Museveni’s.

The museum is known for embracing penises of different sizes, shapes and art.

“I delightfully wrote on a board that “MUSEVENI’S DICK MUST GO!” I also drew a very tiny picture of a penis besides other pictures of huge penises.

“And I scribbled under that tiny penis that ” M7’s DICK MUST GO!” Yes, in the capital city of Iceland is a museum with the largest collection of all sorts of penises in the world,” Nyanzi has revealed through her Facebook page.

“It was wonderfully empowering for me to write on that board in Iceland that ” MUSEVENI’S DICK MUST GO!” I am still singularly focussed on my mission of writing Museveni out Uganda. And in Iceland, neither the police will arrest me for this, not will the courts try and convict me for this.” She added.

It remains to be seen what consequences Nyanzi’s latest troubles will bring to her since she is still battling court cases.

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