Alex Muhangi reportedly bonking Bryan While’s rape accuser Vivian Mutanda, forced to delete their photo after fans roasted him for cheating on Prim

Comedian Alex Muhangi was roasted by social media users on Tuesday after he posted a picture of himself with Vivian Mutanda, the woman who made headlines after she accused Bryan White of sexual assault.

Netizens believe that the way Mutanda was holding Alex proves there is something between them that is beyond friendship.

In the photo, Muhangi was seen grabbing Ms Vivian Mutanda’s ass.

The entire internet rose up in arms, with many accusing the comedian of being disrespectful to his wife and her family for posting the nasty picture.

Many advised him to stop behaving like he is still single. “This might look normal to you but to your wife, it’s alot and tormenting,” Brayn Bentley said. Mimi Ug, a Facebook user also had this to say to the comedian;

“Reasons as to why marriage is losing meaning, some people who claim to be married got totally no respect for their spouses, in-laws, children etc no matter how free you are with someone to some extent you sacrifice some things for the best of your partner/marriage once your are not single and reserve them for your own look. You are holding another woman’s bums like you are a Casanova.”

Muhangi finally succumbed to pressure from the social media in-laws and deleted the picture.

He however posted another one in which he was standing next to NTV the Beat producer Nixon Ann.

“I hope this is a better pose,” He asked his followers.

The followers are still not satisfied though as they have advised him to stop posting pictures in which he is with other Women and start posting those with his baby mama Prim Asiimwe.

“Still it’s not your woman,” Matts Peter commented.

Kaconco Agnes also added, ” better bring when posing with Prima than these.”

“Stop impressing us when you are disrespecting your wife,” Maya WaDiana retorted.

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