Ensonga za Bujingo ne Makula zitiisa! Bwiino atiisa ku musango gwabwe afulumiziddwa.

Lover birds Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Suzan Makula survived to be taken to prison after being granted cash bail by Entebbe Magistrates court.


Court ordered each of them to pay a cash of 3 million and return to court on February 18th for case hearing again.

This after the Entebbe Grade One Magistrate ruled that their sureties who include junior pastors in his Church are substantial to ensure the accused persons return to court whenever needed.

The duo appeared before Grade One Magistrate Stella Okwang and denied the offenses in relation to their alleged customary marriage.

The case was filed by City lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi who accuses Bujjingo of allegedly contracting a marriage under Customary Law yet he is already married under the Marriage Act to Teddy Naluswa.

Susan Makula is accused of introducing Pastor Bugingo to her parents, well knowing that she was engaging with a legally married person.

Meanwhile, the Director of Public Prosecutions has been allowed to take over the case from private prosecution.

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