“Stop abusing me,” Eddy Ssendi swears to beat Halimah Namakula to pulp as bitter war escalates

Motor mouthed radio host Eddy Ssendikadiwa aka Eddy Ssendi has vowed to beat up veteran singer Halimah Namakula if she abuses him again.

During his Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM, the old man dared Namakula to do any interview abusing him.

“I’m daring you to do another interview abusing me, the other one i forgave you because it looked like you were set up maybe you didn’t realise that they were setting you up to make news and you went with the flow, I don’t have any issues with you but I dare you to do any other interview abusing me, madam Halimah Namakula, I’m going to abuse you, I’m going to beat you,” He said.

The war between the two started after Ssendi criticised Namakula’s music saying that she is not a singer.

Namakula responded during an interview on Spark TV saying that she may not be a professional singer but she has made enough money from the music industry than any other person in Uganda. She went ahead and dared Ssendi to show off what he has earned from the industry.

Namakula also said that Ssendi being a short man, he always attacks people so he can be noticed.

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