“He is a cockroach in hens,” Maddox Sematimba undermines Jose Chameleone’s ‘superstar’ status

Legendary Reggae star Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba has laid into fellow music star Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone with a savage ferocity that hasn’t been his known trait.

The reggae legend hit out at Chameleone imposing upon himself a ‘Superstar’ name tag.

According to the Rastafarian, it is inappropriate for any musician to claim to be world class and a Superstar, saying it is the singer’s works or fans that should bestow upon him such a title.

When pressed harder to say whether he feels Chameleone is a Superstar or not, Maddox didn’t hold back, saying a cockroach that claims to be a hen only has its real identity known when the real hen finally surfaces.

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