Pastor Ssempa calls for arrest of Lwasa over leaked video

Makerere church pastor Martin Ssempa has come out to condemn Masaka Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa over his involvement in the leaked videos scandal that has gripped the nation.

Ssempa is furious that Lwasa has misled the young generation with his antics and skirt chasing escapades which have exposed him to such a scandal.

The man of God has now called upon the anti pornography committee to swing into action and arrest the moneybags and whip hip on the buttocks to restore sense in his head.

Lwasa has been in the middle of a storm aver since two nude video believed to be his were leaked on social media sparking outrage and condemnation.

Now Ssemoa feels Lwasa has brought shame to all the people of Masaka and says he deserves to be put to order.

He also called upon Lwasa to find one woman and settle down I stead of chasing after every beautiful city celebrity for his hungry carrot.

As always, Ssempa called upon the city tycoon to get saved before he could give him a fervent prayer to cast out the demon of womanising and immorality.

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