“Teri muntu ansinga kubera wa beeyi mu gwanga lino.” Doreen Kabarebe avuddeyo neyetenda okubera owomuwendo.

Model Doreen Kabarebe is one person who is associated with n#dity. The model doesn’t shy away from showing off her ass-ets to the public.


She’s been doing this for over a decade ever since she hit the limelight. Doreen has been giving social media users enough of her but they just can’t seem to get enough.

The model is not afraid to always walk bra-less or pantyless and she will always let us know only to cause havoc in our minds.

Doreen who is currently on a vacation abroad decided to slaughter her social media users by giving them a glimpse of her never aging body as she posed in just a bra and underwear and oh my she looks just as amazing as a clear night-blue sky.

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