Late Mowzey Radio’s widow Lillian Mbabazi gives out relief aid to Bwaise slum dwellers

Singer Lillian Mbabazi has been a rare presence on the social scene and on the stage for some good number of years now. The singer who made a name for herself while singer under the Trident “Blu*3 side Jackie Chandiru and Cindy had somewhat left alone the limelight and preferred to work on her music band and to look after her children.

She has however come back into the Limelight in the rarest of ways; giving out relief aid to people. Many thought her comeback would be through a mega album release or mega hit promo but nay, she chose it this way.

Lillian on Tuesday toured the areas of Bwaise as she gives it food relief to impoverished households and those that were torn to shreds but the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While handing over the relief food to the excited residents, Lillian revealed that since baby daddy Mowzey Radio’s passing, she has been caught up with many projects and motherhood duties.

She however revealed that she is not finished musically, promising to make mega comeback that will shale everyone to their foundations.

In the same regard, Lilian scoffed at whoever has any plans of using Late singer Mowzey Radio’s music without her authorisation that he or she will be risking her wrath.

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