VIDEO: “You have a dark heart!” Pastor Bugingo attacks Jackson Senyonga for defaulting Top Media staff wages for son’s lavish wedding

Man of God Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has fired at his fellow pastor and arch rival Pastor Senyonga over his dishonest actions.

Bugingo, a man that has hugged the headlines for all the wrong reasons has now launched a tirade at Senyonga for holding a lavish wedding for his son yet his staff at Top Media are starving.

We reported to you about Top Media employees who were threatening to lay down their tools in protest against Pastor Senyonga for keeping them waiting and guessing about their salaries for three months now.

The staff were left fuming after Senyonga opted to prioritize his son’s lavish wedding at their expense. The wedding happened last weekend.

Now in a sermon filled with venom, Pastor Bugingo who has had his own share of controversy in the media has castigated Senyonga, saying it is inhumane to keep staff at bay so that you can first furnish your family with luxuries.

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