Flavia Tumusiime pours cold water on Kabuura’s cheating saga, her response leaves nothing to imagination

Many have been waiting to hear from Capital FM show host Flavia Tumusiime after her husband’s alleged cheating evidence leaked yesterday.

While some anticipated that she would not turn up for work, the beautiful Musheshe has proved that she is indeed a strong lady as she has turned up to present her am to pm show and showed that nothing bad has happened to her at all.

During the show, Mrs Tumusiime revealed that she had a very wonderful weekend.

She presented her show in her usual calm voice all throughout.

She said that her weekend went well because she was able to eat rabbit meat for the first time.

“I had been planning to visit a friend of mine. She’s all the way in Kira. We went, the kids had a good time. And you know at the age we are at, you can only have friends gathering when everyone has children. Kids play their things and adults also drink their things..” Flavia Tumusiime explained.

“So, I tasted rabbit meat for the first time and it was just made merry, and like at 7pm I remembered we had to go back home. I just had a wonderful weekend,” She added.

She also hinted on her husband’s ongoing cheating rumours.

“You guys are on fire but give me a call let me know what’s on your mind,” She called on the fans.

Netizens are eagerly waiting to see if Kabuura will also turn up for work on NTV Uganda tonight.

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