“Lwasa doesn’t deserve your attention!” Spark TV’s Precious Remmie slams media

Spark TV and galaxy FM presenter Precious Remmie has bashed media houses for giving undeserving attention to Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

Lwasa has been at the centre of a nudes storm and many media houses have made him the talk of the town.

However, according to Remmy, who reportedly had a fling with the moneybags’, he doesn’t deserve the attention he has been given.

During her  “Morning saga” show on Galaxy FM, the media personality said that her alleged ex-lover was getting so much attention he does not deserve it.

“I blame the media for giving people like Lwasa a platform yet in actual sense he doesn’t deserve it,” She noted.

The remarks follow numerous interviews and social media posts about Lwasa’s alleged pimple-like manhood which was seen in a viral video, with many wondering how an old man can have such a small carrot.

It shall be remembered that Precious Remmie is also among the Television presenters who have given Lwasa time to shine on Television.

In March 2021, Remmy and Gabbie Ntaate presented a number of stories about the Masaka city Mogul on the “Live Wire” show when he was exposing his ex-lover and BBS television’s Diana Nabatanzi.

Other people who have blamed media for promoting less important people include singer Apass and Naira Ali, who have lashed at the media for giving airtime and popularity to people who don’t matter.

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