VIDEO: John Blaq brags about his “muggo gwa Musa”, vows to ‘eat’ half the city

Singer John Blaq, born John Kasadha has recently been accused of being in a circulating private video that made rounds on social media, with many laughing at his bedroom antics.

But now, the singer has come out to boast that manhood is the most important part on his body.

During an interview on Galaxy FM days ago, the “Do Dat” hitmaker was asked to state a body part he is proud of and he confidently said that it is his cassava which he termed “muggo gwa Musa”.

” I’m proud of my Muggo gwa Musa,” Blaq boasted.

Watch video here

John’s revelation comes at a time when there are different discussions about cassava sizes, a discussion that was sparked off by a bedroom video believed to be tycoon Lwasa’s in which he was seen holding and embracing his pimple-like cassava.

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