Uganda eyes full reopening of all sectors next year

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has finally confirmed when he will open the schools and the rest of the sectors are still under lockdown.

While addressing the nation on the situation of covid19 and the insecurity in the country today, Museveni called upon Ugandans to go for vaccination at various health centers in the country since there are enough doses right now.

He confirmed that students will return to school next year and the entertainment industry plus other sectors still under lockdown will fully open next year as well. “The schools will be opened in January 2022 and the rest of the economy like the entertainment industry will as well be opened in the same period.

“Even if you don’t come for Vaccination, I will open schools and the rest of the economy in January but if you contract the virus, don’t say I never warned you. I have done my part.

“Vaccination is the key to open the economy. The country will fully be opened in January even if some people hide from vaccination,” Museveni confirms. Well, party animals its high time you get your dancing shoes ready, January is just around the corner.

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