Daddy Andre the Sharpshooter drops Nina Roz

The celebrity marriage of Nina Roz and Daddy Andre is no more after the latter reportedly broke-up with the love of his wife, months after a lavishing kukyala ceremony.It should be noted that the two some months ago held a private introduction where Andre got introduced by Nina.

These two even produced a few songs together that became instant hits such as “Nangana” and “Andele” which was a monster hit.The couple has been amazing together. They turned up at events together. Showered and complimented each other with sweet words.

But as the fans would jokingly say, that“it will end in tears”, these awful wishes might have come true. Daddy Andre has apparently deleted all Nina Roz’s photos from his Instagram leaving just music-related info with her.


The“Tugende mu Church”singer even followed only one person on his Instagram which was the “Munda muli” singer but right now he unfollowed her.
Many people believe that their marriage was just a cover-up of Andre’s allegations of chewing upcoming singers in his bedroomed studio.
Andre had hardly taken more than five months breaking up with another singer Angela Katatumba before marrying Nina Roz.



Andre is a well-known sharpshooter in town is rumored to be set to marry another woman. This lady is only known as Shakira and leaves in the US.
This lady is a good friend of renowned gay and social media figure Beyonce Max Jo.Meanwhile, Nina has always denied pregnancy rumours is now heartbroken. She has been lavishing and praising the singer for changing her life that was occupied by drugs.

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