IDEO: “I Killed Producer Danz Kumapeesa” – Isma Olaxess reveals

After blogger Isma Olaxess getting arrested, netizens have dug deep into his history and retrieved a video in which he was confessing to being behind the murder of late producer Danz Kumapeesa.


The blogger is heard boasting to have ended the 23 year old promising music producer’s life.

“It is we who killed Danz Kumapeesa. He could not talk when he died, he is in the ground, we moved on. I was part of it. You cannot intimidate us with such.”- he confessed.

In October 2017, the producer succumbed to injuries he was inflicted upon by thugs, three months after he was attacked while heading home.

His death came weeks after he was discharged from Nsambya hospital.

Dan’s mother Mrs Kisakye Jennifer believes that her son was murdered intentionally.

“His friends said he was beaten inside his home at around midnight because that’s where he was discovered in a pool of blood and unconscious and only a television and a phone were stolen. It felt like a murder plan, not a theft, I think the thugs thought he had died already.” She said during an interview with ChimpReports

Kisakye added that while at Nsambya hospital, there were some people who tried to poison him.

“There were people who wanted to hurt him. In fact, doctors here have been helpful to us so much. They would claim that they are his siblings but when asked to describe their mother, they would shiver or describe a totally different person.

“There was one that the doctor even told that she was going to call me for him, and he run away before I could get there,” She said

Meanwhile, Ismah has been released on shs 10million non cash bail.

Watch the video below;

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