VIDEO: Nina Roz denies abusing drugs

Singer Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz has been Reported to have gone back to her drugs after being ditched by fiance Daddy Andre.

The singer had been a drug addict and worked on her way to recovery, also undertaking a campaign to warn the young generation off the drugs.

However, it appears her break up with Daddy Andre has hit her hard, promoting her to go back to her old habits.

However, while speaking to a local television during an event where she donated relief items to vulnerable fans, Nina revealed refused to distance herself from sniffing cocaine preferring to advise fans to “do what I say but jot what I do.”

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“Do l look like I do drugs? I don’t know why you (media) keep talking about people who do drugs but I  have never seen you helping any of them to get over it,” She said during an interview on Thursday.

Nina added that stigmatizing victims will keep drowning them.

“You are going to give people stigma which will push them to continue doing drugs,” She added

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