NBS TV in hot soup over defamation as Omulangira vows to take matters to court

Singer Omulangira Suuna known by many as OS cried like a baby during a press conference yesterday where he vowed to sue NBS Television for defamation. The bitter singer was furious over comments made about him during the NBS Uncut Show, a daily entertainment gossip programme.

Suuna says that the show hosts, Anatalia Oze, Kayz and Zahara Totto have made it a habit to attack and accuse him of things he has no knowledge about and subsequently damaged his reputation.

The most notable among the accusations is that the singer has bad luck. Days back while they were talking about Ssuna’s new mansion, the show hosts claimed that the singer lost his parents which he revealed is not true.

“I’ve been quiet for a while, I have a mother. You stood on the Tv and said that my parents died that’s why i have bad luck, my parents were seated next to me. You said that they died and I failed to bury them that’s why I am unlucky. ” a bitter Ssuna ranted.

He advised the gossipy Television presenters to keep away from mentioning his name.

“If you don’t have good things to say about me, why don’t you leave me alone. Do you want to tell me that I have nothing good I’ve done you can say about me?”

As a result, we have learnt that has Suuna vowed to sue NBS television for defamation unless the media house makes a public apology to him. This was revealed by Spark TV and Dembe FM presenter Kasuku.

“OS called me yesterday and told me that he is going to sue NBS Uncut show. He said they have been talking ill about him and his brand, it is now time to hold them accountable for whatever they said last week,” Kasuku noted.

The past few days have seen different prominent Ugandans complain about the way in which media houses report news.

It has become a general complaint that media houses have propagated fake news and promoted falsehood. A case in point is the recent alleged sex tape believed to be Emmanuel Lwasa’s which was widely covered by Ugandan big media houses.

People including Apass, Frank Gashumba among others condemned the media for reporting irrelevant stories.

Just yesterday, social media users also ganged up against NBS television accusing them of creating unnecessary wars between Justine Nameere and NTV Uganda’s Faridah Nakazibwe.

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